Thank You – 2048 Infinite for iPhone Backers

October 6th, 2014

2014-09-13 23.24.38thank-youFrom July 14 2014 to August 3 2014, we did a Kickstarter to make the iPhone version of 2048 Infinite – The Circle of fifths. We were overwhelmed by the response and we want to take the time to say thank you each and every one of these amazing people for helping us create this app.

A special thank you to our in game sponsors who created two great alternate color schemes:

I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, a Sustainist Media Publication, is a much needed digital magazine about contemporary music. Their generous contribution to 2048 Infinite – The Circle of Fifths made our iPhone app possible. They helped us design a very slick color scheme based upon their own site colors. Also, Caleb wrote this short woodwind quintet based on the circle of fifths as an extra special thank you (click for the score):

2048 germanJames E. Bailey also made a very generous contribution to the iPhone app and helped us with another color scheme. He lives in Germany, and requested that we adjust the interface to use German note names along with his brilliant color selection. For his composition, James wanted Caleb to stick to stricter atonality. So Caleb used the tone row of the circle of fifths and come up with this (click for the score):

Thank you to our other top sponsors. Caleb has written these short compositions for their generous contributions as well.

Zach Burnham requested “something that rocked.” Here is the rockous circle of fifths music that Caleb came up with:

Zach is a developer, and he rocks hard. Follow him on Twitter and be informed about his apps along with all of the apps that inspire him to make his hard rocking app.

Fatty is Caleb’s dad (he asked that we use his endearing nickname). Knowing that Fatty owns a cello and wants to learn it, Caleb wrote a beginner cello piece based on the circle of fifths. (click for the score):

Fatty is the pastor of a small church in Matteson, IL. His church’s website has numerous engaging articles addressing various spiritual topics and issues.

Zoe is a fantastic human being. People this awesome deserve to have great circle of fifths music written for them. Caleb stuck to a traditional feel for this one (click for the score):

Thank you to our in app sponsors.

Vocalist, Danielle Reich, beautifully sings a variety of jazz styles. Her stunning renditions can be heard at

Reena Esmail is an Indian American composer. She blends the Western and Hindustani (North Indian) classical music idioms to forge gorgeous sounds. Listen to her work at

Shelley is an indie singer/songwriter who utilizes classical guitar to create simple and moving pieces. Download a whole album for free at

Michael E. Bukraba is a talented photographer whose striking images can be freely viewed at

A special thank you to these generous sponsors who did not request a link: Johan Blomberg Weisz, Jeremy Kibbey

Thank you to all of our other sponsors. We could not have done this without all of you fine people.

Joseph de Jesus – Shoshanah Weisinger – Matthew Assad – Jeannie Mirani – Jason Vick – Rowan Corbett – Robyn Watson – Madeline Dietrich – Joel Cropsey – Matt Wagemann – Amber Daniel Lopez – Dustin A Jackson – Penelope – Meg Dickson – Sue from San Antonio – Dayvid Van Parijs – James “blotts” H – Sam Benediktson – Dylan Steinberg – D – Jennifer Hodge – Brian Conley – Earl Gertwagen – Ingo Lyrio – Shea Hale – Diogo Vila Brevileri – Sam – Tyler Breisacher – Nina Savasta – Scott Jon Siegel – Anna – Christian DeRiemer – Josh Duncan – Caroline Chu – Alex Rosenberg – Patrik Steneryd – Zad – Shin – Richard Brownlow – David Harvey – Bob Frey – Benjamin Iannetta – aerogoat – Jonny Sabath – Zee – Cammie Stephens – Karyn Grove – Myca Arcangel – Tim Nixon – Hernando Gutierrez – Billie Cruise  – Jennifer Merkowitz – Alicia Ard – Michael Roepstorff – Abby – Ao Li – Donald Jayne – Ken Taylor – G Parker – Rook – Alban Zekthi – Alex Noble

And thank you to our anonymous sponsors as well. If your anonymity is a mistake, let us know and we’ll put your name up here!

Here is the app you’ve all been waiting for: 2048 Infinite – The Circle of Fifths for iOS. Enjoy!

Animated Gifs – Music Theory in Motion

September 11th, 2014

We’ve recently made a stunning update to our circle of fifths page. Using animated gifs is an efficient way to teach music theory. These three moving pictures appear in the text as visual aids. The first shows the only fifths that need different accidentals. The second shows the relationship between key signatures and the circle of fifths. The third is cycling through the 12 different fifths to show what they look like.

 Animated Gifs are Efficient Teaching Tools

animated-gifs-accidentalsanimated-gifs-circle-of-fifths animated-gifs-fifths

We’re excited to make more of these animated gifs. We want to include them on the other learn pages as well as pages we still have yet to create!

Protected: 2048 Backers Only; mp3’s

August 3rd, 2014

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Orchestral 2048 Infinite? – Kickstarter

August 2nd, 2014

orchestral-2048-infiniteWow! We are totally overwhelmed with the generous support our backers have shown in our Kickstarter. Thank you all so much! Special thanks to our two $80 backers who’s generous contributions have driven this Kickstarter well beyond where we thought it could go.

We have gotten above the $700 stretch goal, which means that Upbeat Bird and Rudiment Rock-It are coming to Android!

Orchestral 2048

We only have 30 or so hours left, but we may as well use them! The third and final stretch goal is to get 2048 Infinite to sound like a full orchestra. Violins, trumpets, bassoons, all of it. Each square will play a different set of instruments with logical orchestrations and top notch synths. If this gets $295 more before it closes tomorrow evening, we will build an orchestral 2048 Infinite.

And it will be free.

Android – Upbeat Bird and Beyond – Kickstarter

July 26th, 2014

upbeat-bird-for-androidWho’s pumped for Upbeat Bird on Android!?

Our 2048 Infinite Kickstarter broke $500 today, so we are giving all “$10 or more” backers magnets in addition to stickers! But that was just stretch goal number one. We need $198 more dollars in the next 8 days to meet our next stretch goal, which is Upbeat Bird and all future games to be published on Android! If you want this to happen (and I know a lot of you guys do) this Kickstarter getting to $700 is the fastest way. This will also include Rudiment Rock-It and a tuning game I’m going to start working on next week.

New, Improved, and for Android

2048-infinite-for-iphoneWith this, we’ll also optimize Upbeat Bird to run more smoothly. While making Rudiment Rock-It, we learned a lot about optimization. We plan to take what we learned and reapply it in this game. Upbeat Bird will be less offbeat than ever!

But even if we don’t meet our second stretch goal, we are still very excited to get started on the iPhone version of 2048 Infinite – The Circle of Fifths.

Send Caleb a message!

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