Upbeat Bird

Upbeat Bird


Download Upbeat Bird from the Apps Store (it will work better). Available on iPhone and iPad.

Upbeat Bird is a fiendishly difficult jumping game in which you can only jump highest on the upbeats relative to a bass line. The closer you are to the upbeat, the higher you jump!

Tap the screen or hit the spacebar on the upbeats to make the Upbeat Bird fly and avoid the obstacles. Tap closer (in time) to the bass line for a lower jump. Tap with the drum (the upbeats) perfectly to both increase your score and make the obstacles farther apart (and easier to jump through)

An upbeat is the opposite of a downbeat. Tap your foot to the music playing. Now clap opposite your foot tapping. You’re clapping upbeats. Simple, right? Now you’re ready to play Upbeat Bird and learn to hit upbeats effortlessly!

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