Piano, Violin, and Cello Trio – Discovery

Children are very curious human beings and sometimes are so to the point that they get themselves into trouble. This trio for piano, violin, and cello depicts the process that a child goes through when they decide to pursue something that they are really not supposed to for reasons of which they are unaware. It starts with “Ambition” driving them towards finding out what they want to know despite formal sanctions from their authorities. Then the time comes when they discover what they were looking for, and either discipline or physical discomfort comes from their ambition resulting in “Disappointment”. This emotion seems to always resolve in them well before it should taking into account the sorrow they seem to display, which is why I made the second movement as short as I possibly could. As the child is “Moving Forward” they seem to forget all about the entire incident of their lesson. They go on just as they always did, but through observation we can clearly see that their experience has somehow changed their behavior.

This video is only a sample of the work.

Download Score and Parts (PDF) (11.99)
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Download includes both versions of the piece (cello or tenor sax). The cello part is the same as the euphonium part.

Sample score and parts

While this work was originally written for a euphonium instead of a cello, the euphonium part can be easily played on cello or even tenor saxophone. Very little about this work is challenging in particular. However, because of the precision in intonation and rhythmic accuracy that is required for a great performance, I would recommend this for at least first or second year collegiate musicians. However, this should not discourage a solid high school group from attempting it.

This trio for piano, violin, and cello is a piece written both for children and about children. My friend Tiffany (violin) organized and premiered this work in the fall of 2009 for a recital she designed specifically for children. Despite it’s purpose, adults should of course feel free to enjoy the work just as much as children in the same way that adults tend to enjoy movies that are meant for children. That said, any fun ideas to incorporate into your performance is perfectly appropriate and encouraged. For example, the premier of this work incorporated a painting demonstration.

Total Duration 7:00

Movement I, Ambition

Movement II, Disappointment

Movement III, Moving Forward

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