Flute Solos

These flute solos cover a broad spectrum of ability ranging from beginner to graduate level. They are idiomatic to the flute and I have been told that they are very enjoyable to play. Even if you are a beginner, I strongly recommend that you listen to “Ivory Desert”. You will very much enjoy Joelle’s stunning performance of that advanced flute solo.

Flute Solo – Ivory Desert – Advanced

  • This flute solo offers everything the advanced flutist could want: aggressive passages, sweeping gestures, expressive grace notes, and flutter tonguing. Being written for a graduate flute student, it is very difficult and I would recommend this work only to very serious players. However, I never want to deter a younger performer from giving anything a try.

Flute Solo – Consider the Lilies – Beginner

  • Writing this unaccompanied flute solo was the first opportunity I’ve ever had to write something that needed to be played by someone new to an instrument. It can be used for just about any occasion including weddings, church services, and recitals. I have even used this flute solo myself by playing it on saxophone for one of my own performances. Its rich harmonic implications also make it well suited for advanced performers who are looking to learn a new and interesting piece very quickly. It is enjoyable to play for flutists of all levels and ability.

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