These are solos which need to be accompanied by piano in order to work properly. They can be considered duets, however the intent for these  accompanied works is to feature the instrument which the piano is accompanying. If you are interested in solos that do not need to be accompanied in order to work properly, take a look at my unaccompanied solos.

Timpani and Piano – Application

  • In this accompanied timpani solo, the timpani player needs to play quickly and quietly, change tunings while playing, and listen very carefully to the piano. While it is fairly difficult, a solid undergraduate level performer should be able to perform it without too much trouble. It is in strict rondo form and is about five minutes in length.

Soprano Saxophone and Piano – Hide and Seek

  • This piece for accompanied soprano saxophone began while exploring orchestrational possibilities in jazz chords and applying percussion techniques on the keyboard. In the recording I have available of this work, I use a synthesizer instead of a piano. Any unique sounds the accompanist wishes to use are encouraged. Also, a unique feature in this accompanied solo is the use to guided improvisation. There are entire sections where the notes are given and the soprano saxophonist is instructed to improvise using the given notes.

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