Large Ensemble

These large ensemble pieces are certainly my best work. The bassoon concerto is my personal favorite, I love playing my saxophone concerto, and Stifled Mystery was my master’s thesis. I love writing for large groups and I hope to write many more pieces for orchestra and band in the future. I have gone through great pains to ensure that these large ensemble compositions are error free and ready for performance. All of them have been approved by professionals other than myself, most have been read by groups, and many have been performed.

Wind Ensemble – Shekinah

  • This wind ensemble composition can be extremely challenging. The wide spacing of perfect intervals at exposed moments demands an acute sense of intonation.

Wind Ensemble – Stifled Mystery

  • Stifled Mystery was written in collaboration with a wind ensemble director and educator. It is designed to be a lengthy work for high school wind ensemble. Click here to view an article about the premiere performance.

Alto Saxophone Concerto for Wind Band – Transition

  • This alto saxophone concerto features an extremely difficult solo part utilizing the instrument’s countless timbres, agility, and altissimo register.

Bassoon Concerto for Orchestra – Against Indifference

  • This bassoon concerto works well in both the piano and orchestral versions, has been reviewed by several bassoonists, and is a favorite among my audience.

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