Chamber Works

These chamber works were written for a wide variety of reasons. While some of the instrumentations may seem arbitrary, they all have some interesting story behind why they exist. They are all solid compositions and I hope you enjoy them.

Saxophone Duet – O Come, O Come Emmanuel

  • This arrangement of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” was written for my saxophone playing friend and me to play are our church’s christmas eve service in 2012.

Saxophone and Clarinet Duet – Essence Altered

  • I originally wrote this saxophone and clarinet duet for Liz and I to play at our wedding. It is, however, well suited for just about any occasion.

Violin and Clarinet Duet – Proclamation

  • This violin and clarinet duet, while being fairly simple, has a depth to it that nearly every level of performer or listener will get something out of.

Bass Clarinet and Marimba Duet – Underneath the Spreading Tree

  • This bass clarinet and marimba duet is full of wonderfully rich sounds and textures that you can not produce with any other combination of instruments. Be warned, I had doctoral level students in mind when I wrote this.

Piano, Violin, and Cello Trio – Discovery

  • This trio for piano, violin, and cello depicts the process that a child goes through when they “discover” something that they are really not supposed to.

Woodwind Quintet – Song of Creation

  • This woodwind quintet started as an experiment on what five voices could do. As the motives developed, the sound seemed to grow like an ecosystem.

Brass Quintet – Waltz of the Savage

  • This work was written for a typical collegiate ensemble and is meant to be very standard, fitting in well with other brass quintet repertoire.

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