Solo Piano

The following pieces are written for solo piano with no other instruments involved. The piano may very well be my favorite instrument to write for and I hope to write many more solo piano works in the near future.

Wedding Processional Music – The First Song

  • “The First Song”, for solo piano, is wedding processional music designed to describe the joy in a man’s heart as his bride walks down the aisle. I wrote it for my wedding, and it has been used in one other that I know of. Both occasions turned out beautifully, although it requires careful planning.

Wedding Prelude Music – Oath of Unity

  • I wrote this wedding music for piano with an accomplished pianist in mind and set out to create a classical piano piece broadly usable for wedding preludes. It is designed to blend with people’s conversations in the beginning and slowly draw people’s attentions to the stage. It is a perfect ending to the prelude for any formal occasion.

Classical Piano Solo – Tear of Ambiguity

  • This is an extremely challenging classical piano solo that requires the pianist to have complete right and left hand independence in order to perform it. Despite my concerns about the difficulty of this solo piano work, no pianist has ever suggested that I change it to make it any easier. So, here it is…

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