Sleepless, by chugo – Pseudonyms aren’t for me

June 28th, 2018

I released “Sleepless” by chugo as a single. chugo is the name that generally floats by my avatars in my personal internet life. It’s pretty awesome. So here is that song, and now you know who wrote it:

Sleepless by who? chugo?

I figured I would try rebranding myself a little bit with the name “chugo” to see if it would work well with the dance/electronic genre. Unfortunately someone else had the exact same idea, and we’ve been lumped together. I say unfortunate because it really is bad for both of us. Cute innocent me with a drawing of a raccoon (compliments of my niece!) for album art has been merged with someone clearly trying to market themselves as a naughty-bottom (you know what I mean). I can’t even get to it on youTube because my filter is blocking it! So yeah…pseudonyms are a mistake I won’t be repeating.

I wrote sleepless in the fall of 2015 while teaching an electronic music class. It got its name because I wrote a larger section of it one night when I couldn’t sleep. It had the name “Can’t Sleep” for a long time. But that was terrible. So now it’s sleepless. And that’s really all there is to say about it without giving a formal analysis (which I should probably do sometime). It’s also the first track I’ve ever had mastered. It’s louder I guess…

So why did I wait so long to write a post about it and share it on my website? Just didn’t cross my mind…enjoy!

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