Manipulate Time – Develop Musical Superpowers!

June 3rd, 2014

Sound happens within time. So making music means you have to manipulate time. It’s not good enough to have your notes happen at any moment that’s convenient. They have to happen exactly when you intend them to. This is a skill that you have to develop. Commanding time to the extent that it is relevant to music is extremely difficult. It may as well be a superpower!

We’re not talking about just staying together. We’re not even talking about changing from an A to a B on the 3rd 16th note of beat 4. We need to manipulate time to the extent that we can make a noise one hundredth of a second before or after another event. This is beyond the capabilities of normal human reaction time. It requires such a deep understanding and mastery over time that you can use the duration of an event the just happened to predict when another event is going to happen. Then you can place your own sound one hundredth of a second sooner to account for the time it took for the other sound to get to you.


Learn to manipulate time using Upbeat Bird.

We recently released a game that produces in a person the ability to manipulate time to the 20th of a second or less. Upbeat bird doesn’t just develop the skill of accurately playing upbeats. It teaches you how to hit every part of the beat and deeply understand what a part of a second is. You can make the bird soar to the top, gradually drift to the bottom, or float indefinitely in the same spot on the screen by tapping at the correct time. A bass line produces downbeats that the player has to use as a reference. The further away in time from a bass hit, the higher the bird jumps. In this game, we have connected an entertaining visual gaming element with aural cognition to enable people to quickly master and manipulate time.

A skill that is useful to everyone.

Don’t think for a second that this skill is reserved for musicians and is only useful in the performing arts. This is a skill that helps a person master their physical world and perform any job better. If it has anything to do with doing the right thing at the right time, Upbeat Bird will help you to do it better.

I work at a coffee shop where I sometimes have to produce one drink every 30 seconds to a minute (usually with assistance from other amazing workers). Timing is key, and understanding the intricacy of time and manipulating time helps me both work faster by myself and more efficiently with other people.

Learning to manipulate time will make you more productive in many aspects of your life. And now you can learn to do it using a fun game on your phone!

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