Kickstarter – Let’s make the 2048 Infinite iPhone App!

July 14th, 2014

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2048 is a sweet game, and the awesome creator of the game, Gabriele Cirulli made it totally free to use and modify. We saw an opportunity to put a musical twist to it and make a music theory game out of it. But we had to modify it a lot to get it to work with 12 different tiles, and then to make it truly infinite. Once we did that, we realized that it was a music game without sound! Caleb (the pro musician of this duo) put more of his music theory skills to work to helped Zach, the programmer, make it sound delicious. Then we made it for Android, and it’s awesome. Zach has completed over 5 circles in one go, and plans to do even better someday. We love it. It’s a great game.

What’s Next: Kickstarter for┬áthe iPhone App!

We’re not done with 2048 Infinite – The Circle of Fifths. There must be an iPhone app, but we’re just not quite equipped to make that happen yet. We were going to wait, but why wait when awesome iPhone owning fans are just itching to see it happen asap. With your help through Kickstarter, we’ll get this app finished way sooner than we thought we were going to.

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