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June 7th, 2014

Distracted by the Eastern shore of lake Michigan

I have recently had the extraordinary opportunity to soar at 500 miles per hour 6 miles off of the ground. Not having flown since I was 14, I was in awe of the engineering capabilities that mankind has achieved. Then I realized that we had this capability long before I was even born! So…why aren’t we flying 60 miles off the ground at 5,000 miles per hour? I’m not complaining, it just seems like we haven’t come very far in the development of our mechanical  capabilities. At least compared to what we did throughout and after the industrial revolution. Then I remembered that our planes are now equipped with wifi, movies, and games. The airlines even allow people to use their smart-phones and laptops. This entertainment technology is far more advanced than the computers that helped us get to the moon.

Computers are fantastic! Infinite knowledge and entertainment at our fingertips. But that’s just it. We’ve developed entertainment technology. In the meantime, other aspects of technological growth have been stunted. We created something capable of incapacitating us with distraction.

Everyone’s a Distracted Entertainer

This is directly related to our current surplus of artists and athletes. Entertainers are the idols of our culture. To many parents there is nothing better than vicariously performing a solo or scoring the winning goal through their child. This carries over into the college years. Becoming a top notch entertainer has become something for which we are willing to spend thousands of dollars. More importantly, we are willing to spend years of our lives training for the endeavor of incapacitating others with our prepared distractions.

As you can see from the rest of this site, I love the arts. But when more people know the name Lorde (I love her work), than Raymond Damadian, Seymour Cray, or Steve Wozniak, there’s a problem. Even Bill Nye is not known for his work for Boeing, but  rather his entertaining style of educating children. We are a distracted culture that aspires to be entertainers rather than innovators.

Distracted into Enrichment

So where does that leave Music Interactive? The arts have value in that (besides beauty) it sharpens the mind and stimulates creative thought. It makes innovators more innovative. Our goal to make music education as efficient as possible so that you can get back to your work refreshed and focused more quickly and without being distracted. We have enough entertainers. Use the arts for inspiration and quickly develop your musical ability for the purpose of enriching your calling.

We’re still very small, but right now we are featuring a game called Upbeat Bird. It is a game designed to deepen your understanding of time and how to accurately dwell in and manipulate it. It is an entertaining way to develop a useful skill both musically and within the world around you.

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