Harmonizing App – We Are Close to Our Kickstarter Goal

November 18th, 2014

We’ve gotten over 60% of our goal with four days to go! Of all the projects on Kickstarter, 98% of those that have gotten to this point have been successfully funded. Let’s make their record even better and get this Harmonizing App nice and ad-free.

Things you can do to help us out:

  • Spread the word to people who would benefit from the $25 sponsorship. We only need 5 more of those to reach the goal. Remember, if someone really wants a song on there that isn’t in the plan, we’ll include a request for $25 backers.
  • The hit stats on this Kickstarter are telling us that a lot of people are interested. Share this project on your social networks encouraging people to pledge just $2. If you know someone with an Android device who will probably buy the app, make sure they know that they will be helping us out by “buying it” (pre-ordering is what it comes down to) via Kickstarting in the next four days. It probably won’t take much encouragement.

We’re currently hard at work finishing up data entry for the bass lines. We’ll be adding the finishing touches to the development of the harmonizing app in the next few days. The only thing we’re missing is making it ad-free with this Kickstarter! Thanks so much for your support!

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